Types of Screen Padding and Details:
  • 8" Wide and 9" Wide Screen Padding
  • Safety Foam Padding
  • 18oz. Coated Vinyl Products
  • Triple M Baseball Fielding Screen Padding Sets and Vinyl Color Selection
    Sheets Available Upon Request
Triple M Baseball's Screen Padding will not only help expand the life of your
fielding screen, but offers maximum protection for players and coaches.  Our
padding is manufactured using 18oz. coated vinyl, 1" thick polyurethane
foam, and grommet strips with brass grommets for attachment.  Our safety
foam padding can be secured to screens that have up to 2" diameter pipe and
provides a more cost effective option without sacrificing safety.  We can
recommend the exact type of padding your team should utilize that will not
only meet your specific sport's need, whether it be baseball or softball, but
your budget as well.  Call us today for details and pricing!
Screen Safety Foam Padding
Screen Padding