Stadium Padding
Types of Stadium Padding and Details:
  • Plywood Backed Wall Padding with Aluminum Z-Clips or Chain Link
    Fence Washers
  • Sewn Wall Padding with Grommets or Velcro
  • Top Rail L-Shape Pads and Vertical Post Pads
  • Guard Rail Padding
  • 18oz. Laminate Vinyl and 18oz. Coated Vinyl Products
  • Padding Specifications, Vinyl Color Selection Sheets, and Padding
    Design Recommendations Available Upon Request
Triple M Baseball's Stadium Padding offers maximum protection for players,
coaches, and fans.  We offer 18oz. laminate vinyl as well as 18oz. coated vinyl
products and can provide attachment methods for concrete surfaces, retaining
walls, and chain link fences.  Our plywood backed wall pads come standard
with 3/4" BC Exterior Grade Plywood and our sewn pads can be manufactured
with grommets or Velcro strips for attachment.  We can recommend the exact
type of padding your team should utilize that will not only meet your specific
sport's need, whether it be baseball, softball, football, or soccer, but your
budget as well.  Custom padding, logos, and field dimensions are available
upon request.  Call us today for details and pricing!